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My passion is to create and my specialty is digital product designing. I defne myself as a designer, in a broad sense. I have been working for years on a wide variety projects, from illustrating a t-shirt, developing graphic interfaces for intranets, apps or web pages to creation of corporate identities, design of products, production of TV programs, and so on.

Quick learner, team player, work effectively in hight-pressure enviroments, highly motivated.

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Web / UX designer, specialist in HTML5 design, CSS3, design for mobile devices, wireframes development, graphic design, creativity, illustration, conceptualization, brand creation and corporate identity, project and team management, creation of digital products.

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Other things about me

I have millions of hobbies, if I get something I do not stop until I learn as much as I can, and for what my abilities and step to the next.

I am passionate about the latest technologies, fashion trends, behavior, future of people, geopolitics, society and life.

  • Classical and contemporary art - A good exhibition is a pleasure.
  • Comics - My favorite authors are: Neil Giaman (Sandman ... His narrative), Charles Burns (Hole) Black ... His imagery) and Grant Morrison (The invisible ... His lysery) ...
  • Cinema - I love mainstream cinema, as well as the B and Z series, cinema of any time.
  • Series - I absorb series like non-stop, sure in some we agree.
  • Fashion - I love fashion, streetwear brands as well as haute couture. On brands, infinite, on designers, Marc Jacobs and his revolution of the masculine skirt, Jeremy Scott and his genius, Virgil Abloh and his deconstruction.
  • Sneakers - A vice, since the arrival of the boost I went back to my origins Adidas, from Rum DMC with "My adidas" until always.
  • Travel - I've traveled half the world, and I'm looking forward to traveling the other half.



Who have commented on my colleaguesYou can see more on my LinkedIn page

David Tallada Senior lead manager at Natural Vox

During the time I worked with Inti, he always proved to be a proactive and decisive professional. Oriented always to the achievement of the objectives set and ready to provide the best solution. Acoscumbrado to work under pressure, maintained a high degree of autonomy and made continuous training a "must" that always applied in pursuit of achieving the best results. An excellent deal with the client completes the skills of Intique makes it, without a doubt, the best choice to approach any project entrusted to you with guarantees of success.

Israel Alcazar Agile Coach and Founding Partner at Thinking With You

Inti stands out for excellent technical knowledge in web design and layout. Know many tools and technologies. He has clear ideas and knows perfectly how to capture an idea. I emphasize the speed and quality of their work. Collaborator with other colleagues, if you can lend a hand do not hesitate to do so. He is a person concerned about continuous improvement. If there is a new technology, surely Inti has worked with her.

Jose Maria Hidalgo Garcia Productoin Engineer en Lucid, LLC

He is a very participative person and involved in the developments. Able to recommend which is the best technology according to the device to which it is intended thanks to its proven experience in usability and accessibility issues. The truth that it has been a place to work with him.

Enrique López Ayala Saleforce Manager at Minsait by Indra

I have been able to work with Inti twice in a closed project and in a pre-sale. In both of them, he demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the technology involved in the front-end, especially with regard to the compatibilities of the browsers in different versions that have been a big problem in the project and that Inti has managed to solve very correctly. . As for the pre-sale, it has solved the design proposal for mobile terminals of a general access portal with a correct research process of the existing alternatives in the market and the composition of a very competitive solution proposal.

Alfonso Morcuende Design Director at Sngular

Inti is a professional with a great knowledge of all the new trends, technology and tools that are needed for a development in your Front zone. He is also an easy person to deal with and very involved in the projects in which we have collaborated.

Eduardo Antón Castaño Senior Backend Engineer en TAPTAP Networks

Inti is an expert designer, with a great capacity for work, extremely efficient, very creative. Surprise their youth and their high knowledge of their profession. Always trying to improve. Great future Probably, one of the best designers I've worked with.

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